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Rockchip Logo

Octa Core, Cortex-A76

Quad Core, Cortex-A55

Quad Core, Cortex-A55

Quad Core, Cortex-A53


Genio 700
Octa Core, CA78 + CA55

Genio 500
Quad Core Cortex-A73

Genio 350
Quad Core Cortex-A53

NXP Logo

i.MX8M Quad
Quad Core, Cortex-A55

i.MX8M Plus
Quad Core, Cortex-A55

i.MX8M Mini
Quad Core, Cortex-A53


Jetson NX2
Quad-core ARM A57 Complex

Jetson Nano
Quad-core ARM Cortex-A57

Intel Logo

Elkhart Lake
Quad Core, Celeron

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Comprehensive AIoT Product Lines

LC-Tron’s product line is tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industrial applications. With a wide range of solutions, we provide advanced and customizable options for human-machine interface solutions, room booking, desk booking, room management, and visitor management system applications and more.

Featured Panel PC

Scalable Panel PC

Embedded System

Embedded Board

E-Paper & Busy Light

Highly Scalable Panel PC Solutions

Customize Your AIoT Operations with Scalable Panel PC Solutions

Customizable Screen size, CPU, Brightness, and Peripherals.

Screen Size

Our scalable Panel PCs come in a range of sizes (16″-55″), covering most scenarios in the AIoT landscape. Whether you require a compact solution or a larger display for immersive visuals, we have the perfect size to meet your specific industrial needs.


Unleash the power of our scalable Panel PCs featuring the latest CPUs from Rockchip, MediaTek, NXP, NVidia, and Intel. Experience optimized performance tailored to your specific industrial requirements.


Adapt to any lighting conditions with customizable display brightness. Our scalable Panel PCs offer adjustable brightness levels (300-550 Nits), ensuring optimal visibility in various work environments for enhanced user experience.


Enhance the functionality of your scalable Panel PC with optional peripherals. Choose from a selection of peripherals, including cameras, magnetic stripe readers (MSR), RFID, IC Card, and fingerprint readers, to optimize your system for specific operational needs.

More Project-winning Features

LV-Tron offers more project-winning features to further enhance our unmatched customization options. Our products are designed to make it easy for you to scale up your business.

Device management tools (MDM)

  • Centralized device management with MDM tools
  • Remote monitoring for quick issue troubleshooting and reduced downtime
  • Automatic firmware and software updates for the latest security patches and features

Enhanced Security

  • 802.1X over Ethernet for authorized user access
  • Support for SCEP for easy certificate management and deployment
  • Automatic updates with latest security patches for up-to-date protection against security threats

Powerful APIs

  • Easy integration with software for reduced time and costs
  • Direct hardware control for greater flexibility and customization options
  • Powerful APIs for easier debugging and issue identification

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