Primax and LV-Tron Announce Strategic Partnership

Primax Electronics and LV-Tron (a division of IAdea) have officially announced their strategic partnership to invest in and develop cutting-edge smart meeting solutions. This collaboration aims to position both companies as leaders in the smart meeting industry, with Primaxhas long been dedicated to visual, acoustic, and interactive technologies.

The NXP i.MX8M Embedded Board


The LVB-MX8M-01 is the perfect solution for those looking for a powerful and reliable single board computer that can withstand even the toughest conditions. Whether you need it for industrial automation, digital signage, or other industrial applications, the iMX8 Android/Linux Industrial Single Board LVB-MX8M-01 is sure to meet all your requirements.

The MediaTek Genio 700 SOM


The LV-8390-00 SOM, powered by the MediaTek MT8390, offers an efficient and robust solution for various applications. As a System on Module, it streamlines development by integrating essential components, reducing time-to-market, enhancing scalability, and allowing for more compact and cost-effective designs.

Picture of the LV-Tron LVP-1050, an award-winning enterprise room booking panel with built-in door lock, cable management, and enterprise security solutions.

Award-Winning Enterprise Room Booking Panel


LV-Tron LVP-1050 is the world’s first premium room panel with built-In door lock access control interface, cable management and enterprise security solution that enhances room booking experiences by streamlining spaces to foster discussions without interruptions.

Image of LV-Tron LVE-8500 high-performance kiosk processor and 4K media player with quad-core processor technology for optimized performance, energy savings, and watchdog monitoring.

High-Performance Kiosk Processor & 4K Media Player


Featuring a consistently powerful quad-core processor that packs in high performance, excellent energy savings, and diligent watchdog monitoring. Whether the player is powering an interactive wayfinding kiosk or a gesture-sensitive retail kiosk, content is always displayed in the best possible light, day in, day out.

22” Interactive Kiosk for Visitor Management & Wayfinding

LVK-2210-A / LVK-2210-W

The LVK-2210-A/W is a Ready-to-Go Kiosk Solution. Its Intelligent Self-Service Technology provides an efficient and interactive customer experience, making it the ideal turn-key solution for visitor management systems (VMS) and Wayfinding.

Remote Device Management (MDM)


Our custom-built, in-house device management solution, LV-MDM, is seamlessly integrated with the industrial PCs we create, giving you the ultimate control over your device fleet. 

Hardened Android - for Extra Security and Reliability

LV-Tron’s Rugged Android Firmware

With LV-Tron’s rugged Android firmware, experience a hardened operating system that’s tailor-made for industrial applications, ensuring maximum reliability and security for your operations. Trust LV-Tron’s advanced security features, including support for SCEP and 802.11x, for unparalleled protection against cyber threats. With comprehensive REST-APIs, take full control of LV-Tron’s hardware and firmware, speeding up integration and deployment processes.

Best-in-Class DMS for AIoT

Unlock Smart Solutions and Streamline Operations with LV-Tron’s Best-in-Class DMS for AIoT

Focused Domains

Smart Meeting

A modern, technology-enhanced meeting room with smart panels, executive room signage, and video conferencing equipment for an efficient and connected meeting experience.
  • Meeting Room Panel
  • Executive Room Signage
  • Video Conference Console
  • Device Management

Smart Workplace

Image of a modern and technologically advanced smart workplace environment with multiple devices and equipment for a productive and efficient work experience
  • Digital Signage
  • Meeting Room Panel
  • E-paper Panel
  • Building Control Panel
  • Visitor Management Kiosk

Smart Building

Image showing a modern, high-tech smart building environment with interconnected technology and sleek design
  • Visitor Management Kiosk
  • Building Control Panel
  • Access Control Panel
  • Smart Intercom
  • Sensors + ESG

Featured Platforms

LV-Tron offers 5 chip manufacturers and 12 state-of-the-art chipset platforms for three focus applications to provide 10 solutions, including Smart office, Industrial automation and Life automation. They are planned differently according to the characteristics of the applications. LV-Tron engineering team would propose the right-fit solution to meet the requirements in carrying out the best cost/performance ratio among them, AI computing power is natively stand-by for being trigged anytime. Platforms and applications are matrixed in the table below.


Smart Building

• Full codec for video streaming
• Wi-Fi / BT connectivity
• Camera & ISP

  • Edge AI
  • Wi-Fi 6 connectivity


Smart Workplace

• Smart Working
• LTE / Wi-Fi connectivity
• Low power
• Security
• Android S/W support

  • 5G / Wi-Fi 6 connectivity

Industrial IoT

HMI / Gateway / Edge AI

• Low Power extended temperature
GbE / Wi-Fi connectivity
Rich IO and expansion
Camera & ISP, Edge AI

  • Vision AI
  • Flexible Software
Rockchip logo

Octa Core, Cortex-A76

Quad Core, Cortex-A55

Quad Core, Cortex-A55

Quad Core, Cortex-A53

MediaTek Logo

Genio 700
Octa Core, CA78 + CA55

Genio 500
Quad Core Cortex-A73

Genio 350
Quad Core Cortex-A53

NXP logo

i.MX8M Quad
Quad Core, Cortex-A55

i.MX8M Plus
Quad Core, Cortex-A55

i.MX8M Mini
Quad Core, Cortex-A53

Nvidia logo

Jetson NX2
Quad-core ARM A57 Complex

Jetson Nano
Quad-core ARM Cortex-A57

Intel Logo

Elkhart Lake
Quad Core, Celeron